33 Reasons to Love TherapistWebsites.com

[dropcap type=”rounded” color=”red”]Y[/dropcap]es, I realize that (judging by the length of this list) you may be feeling overwhelmed with reasons to love my web services, but bear in mind… I pledge to keep our working relationship simple.

You don’t have to know anything about the technical side of things. You provide the content and I’ll do the rest for you and be responsive to any questions you may have.

  1. Responsive WordPress Themes
  2. Works on PCs/Tablets/Mobile
  3. WordPress as Content Management System
  4. Up to 12 Page Setup (More can be added)
  5. On-Page SEO
  6. Royalty-Free Stock Photographs
  7. Choice of Color Schemes (or I can choose for you)
  8. Domain Name Consultation
  9. 60 Minutes of Phone Support
  10. Unlimited E-mail Support
  11. Expert Content Guidance
  12. Site Search Engine
  13. WordPress Blog
  14. XML Sitemap
  15. Visitor Statistics
  16. Paypal Shopping Cart or Payment Gateway
  17. Appointment Scheduler Integration
  18. Client Form Downloads
  19. Free Therapist Directory 6-Month Membership (~$180 value)
  20. An experienced webmaster who is also a therapist 🙂
  21. More than 200 therapy sites launched

Do you have something in mind that you don’t see on this list? It doesn’t hurt to ask!

Just drop me a line.