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Q: How do I get started?

A: You can get going by purchasing your web design package now. I will contact you ASAP with your “Get Started Guide.” Or if you prefer — you can email or call toll-free (US/CA) 1-866-843-8685 to arrange a preliminary phone consult to answer any questions you may have. Skype is available for people outside the US/Canada.

Q: How long does it take to create a website?

A: I have deployed sites in as little as 3 days for people who had their content ready to go and were clear about the layout and design elements they wanted. Others need a little more coaching through the process. My portion of the work can be relatively fast.

Q: Do I have to pay through Paypal?

A: You do not have to log into a Paypal account to use your credit card through Paypal for the check-out process, but it is recommended because it is highly secure. I am able to take your credit card by phone if you prefer.

Q: I drew a picture of exactly how I want my website to look. Can you create that?

A: In general I use pre-designed, customizable templates and themes. It’s possible to do what you are describing but in general it will cost more to achieve that level of customization. Let me see what you’re proposing and I can better answer your question.

Q: Can I edit my site once it is online?

A: Yes. The text on every page will be editable through a content management system which has a small learning curve.

Q: Can I include a blog on my therapy site?

A: Yes you can include a blog on your therapy site and there is no extra charge provided you request it at of the time of your initial website creation.

Q: Is there a monthly maintenance fee?

A: No, there is no monthly maintenance fee. There is an annual charge of $59 per year for web hosting and essential maintenance (software backups and upgrades) but your first year is totally free. If you need additional work done on your site once it is been launched you can contract with me à la carte for my webmaster services.

Q: Do you register the domain name or do I?

A: I will guide you through the registration process. The cost is around 12.00 per year. It is your responsibility to pay the registrar for renewals, as you own your own domain.

Q: Will you provide the content for my site?

A: I can do that for you for an extra charge depending on my availability and the extent of your needs. Feel free to discuss this with me.

Q: I want to include links to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Can you do that?

A: Absolutely! Just provide me with the URLs to you each of your social media accounts and I will take care of the rest.

Q: I want a mobile website in addition to my main therapy website. Do you offer that?

A: Yes I do. Let me know when you purchase your package and I will advise you about the details.

Q: What if I need more or less than 12 pages?

A: You can start your website with fewer than 12 pages (although the package price remains the same) and you can indeed add more pages to your site once it’s online. I’ll show you how.

Q: I am a psychologist with a very busy practice. What if I want to turn the whole thing over to you and have you make all the decisions?

A: I have actually had people turn over the complete site development to me including content writing and all decisions about layout and appearance with very good results. It is a bit more costly since more of my time is involved but the cost-benefit ratio tends to balance out since you are not using your precious time and we are 100% certain that the content is search engine friendly. Call for details.

Q: Can I see some of the therapist websites you’ve already done?

A: Sure! A selection of sites I have done are viewable in the Portfolio.

Q: I am not a therapist or counselor or doctor. Can you still do my site?

A: Very possibly. Contact me with details about your project and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

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