The website creation process

Keeping It Simple

By: Linda Chapman

Over the years I have developed a way to provide a great service for a relatively low price by keeping the website creation process simple. Here’s a quick outline of how the process works for my web design clients.


I will provide you with a list of some of the sites I have created. You can then choose a layout. You can also show me a site that you like which is not in my portfolio and I will let you know if I have something similar. In general, the modifiable aspects of your site are the color scheme and photographic theme.

Photographic Theme

Once you choose your layout I will advise you about specific requirements for photos for your site. The web package includes up to a a dozen royalty free stock photos which you will choose from a database of millions of professional images. If you prefer, I can make the choices for you. You can also provide your own photos provided they are high quality images and meet the requirements of your layout. I’d be happy to advise you.

“What you see is what you get”

Occasionally people ask if I will modify the layout or “template” for their site, e.g. “Move this here and that over there.” In general, I do not make custom layout modifications at the very low price point I am offering. (When I refer to the “template” or “layout” I am referring to the “bones” or visual structure of your website, much like the blueprint for a house.) In addition, if you see certain features on one site they are generally specific to that layout and not transferable to a different layout.

However, it doesn’t hurt to ask! Sometimes I can accommodate small changes.


You provide the content (text for the pages) unless you wish to hire me to write your site, which is an available option for an extra fee. Typical content for a psychologist, therapist or health professional may include:

  1. Home page / Introduction
  2. About / Bio page
  3. Services
  4. Specialization 1
  5. Specialization 2
  6. Specialization 3
  7. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  8. Fees & Insurance
  9. Client Forms
  10. Resources and Links
  11. Location
  12. Contact

We can also include a blog for your site if you wish.

Your Domain Name

I am happy to consult with you about a domain name. That’s included in your package. I will give you guidance on registering your “dot com” domain name.

Web Hosting

Your first year of web hosting is included free of charge with your package. Subsequent years are 59.00 (USD) per year.


Your package includes one hour of phone support (beyond the initial free consult) and unlimited e-mail support through your site’s creation.

Get Started Today

Have you felt overwhelmed by the prospect of creating a website for your health or therapy practice? Maybe you’ve tried do-it-yourself solutions and have felt dissatisfied with the results. Unlike your average web designer, as a psychotherapist I have a unique perspective on your needs. With my help you can forget about the technical side of things. I’ll handle it all for you and answer any questions you may have. That frees you up to do what you know and love.

I have the ability to help you create a dynamic site which projects a sense of accessibility and communicates your warmth and openness to the needs of potential clients. This, in turn, translates into satisfied clients who communicate your worth to their families and friends. It’s synergistic.

Call me at (405) 445-4332 to get started with a free half-hour initial consult. Or if you are ready to get started now, click here to purchase your package and I will contact you shortly. I look forward to serving you. – Linda Chapman